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Can of Worms
Friday, June 28  
Welcome Back

Ok my Can of Worms page is back up. There is still some technical issues that need to be tweaked but at least there is a little material on there for now. If you want anything posted, please email me.

Can of Worms' Newest Friend

I would like to introduce a fellow blogger named Anne Wilson. She has been credited with breaking a news story to the mainstream media through her blog. FoxNews.com's Tongue Tied column picked up her story, Sean Hannity then reported it over is radio show and later on his prime time telvision show Hannity and Colmes on FNC. And then the story was everywhere. Can of Worms congratulates Ms. Wilson. I encourage everyone to check out her daily blog. It is very, very smart reading.


Friday, June 28, 2002

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