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Wednesday, June 19  

How Far Will We Go?

Aaron Hann

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Rastafarians can now legally smoke marijuana even in public parks. Their ruling states that it is a religious practice and it falls under Freedom of Religion laws. This is completely ridiculous! This is just another excuse to smoke pot legally. How far will political correctness go? The potentials in this case are a clear example of how political correctness does more harm than good.

Rastafarian was born in Ethiopia in 1892 but was not founded until the 1930s. The main idea behind the group was to unite black people with Africa, their rightful homeland. In the 1930s Rastafarianism spread throughout Jamaica. Now with a little history behind it, this is where it will get more ridiculous. This is a P.C. timebomb.

Some white kid up in Vermont is going to decide that he wants to legally smoke pot as well. He will attempt to convert to Rastafarian and the Rastafarians are going to say, “Wait a minute! You have no roots back to Africa!” And then it is to tie up the courtroom again, and some trial lawyer is going to fight that the white kid has the right to join the Rastafarians despite of his race. Then there is going to be a trend here in the states where people will be taking advantage of the “religion” so they could legally smoke pot. And eventually the Rastafarians will have their hands up in the air complaining that their religion was “sold out”. And everyone will be unhappy.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

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